BRAIN Seed Awardees

Nanocrystal Optical Relay System for Deep Brain Imaging and Stimulation
B Cohen, C Chang, C Craik, R Edwards & E Isacoff

Nanotechnology Toolkit to Study Mechanotransduction
P Alivisatos, YN Jan & Y-W Jun

In Vivo Optogenetic Control of Neurotransmitter Receptors in the Visual Cortex
R Kramer & M Stryker

Deep Brain Stimulation Using Virtual AcoustoOptic Waveguides
R Alam, M Chamanzar, M Maharbiz, J Schuck & VS Sohal

Electrophysiology Unplugged: New Chemical Tools to Watch the Brain in Action
P den Besten, T Kohwi-Shigematsu & E Miller

Massive Channel Count Recording Technologies and Computational Tools to Map Brain Function
K Bouchard, E Chang, P Denes, & F Sommer